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"Music is especially marvelous because it has in its nature the capacity to shape silence, the purest and noblest state of the soul, as it desires. It is the only thing capable of breaking it, fragmenting it, and above all, accompanying it. At this point, music and philosophy stand almighty"

Pierre Delignies Calderón


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Upcoming concerts 2017

(2017) > 26 October

IndiviDUAL recital

Marshall Academy, Barcelona

(Works by Stravinsky, Mompou & Liszt/Delignies)

> 27 October

IndiviDUAL recital

Palau de la Música, Barcelona

(Works by Stravinsky, Mompou & Liszt/Delignies)

> 16 November

2 pianos with percussion

Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

(Works by Berio & Salim Alvarez)

Press and Critics

"Depth as opposed to sensationalism. This is the statement of the Cantabrian young pianist, understood by him as a service for the society (...). Claims the main prominence of the composer, the true genius and artist, without excessive egos." Full Interview (Spanish)


El Mundo Cantabria | E.M.C.


"(...) Pierre Delignies, student in the Queen Sofía College of Music, was the impeccable soloist in the First Piano Concerto by Tchaikovsky, performing with the right concept from the grandiose introduction in the first movement to the choreographic final movement. Musicality and virtuosity was shown by the outstanding pianist (...). The cadenza in the first movement was wonderful." Full critic (Spanish)


El Diario Montañés | Ricardo Hontañón



Rachmaninoff Prelude op.23 No. 6

Debussy "Reflets dans l'eau"


Interludios -Selection- (J. Rueda)

Tchaikovsky/Delignies The Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 (Extracts)